Shame on Sen. Maynard for opposing gun bill

As a Stonington Democrat I am disappointed to read that state Sen. Andrew Maynard, D-Stonington, had the bad sense to vote against the bill at the Capitol; shame on him. Let him show us his list of Stonington residents he represents who feel the need to own any and all styles of guns and who need endless rounds of ammo. For their protection? For fun and games?

Really? Shame on him.

His behavior is unreasonable and shows a disrespect for human safety and an arrogant and angry mood. His vote is a political vote and is not best for his constituents. Surely mental health issues are being faced, developed, and will take years and years to find final answers to eradicate. If rocks were in the pockets of ill and angry men, many deaths could be traded for black and blue bruises.

I'll remember his name when I visit the polls again.

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