Poor judgment shown with gun-wielding ad

As a long time reader and subscriber to The Day, I have to ask what were you thinking by printing the advertisement that appeared on page A5 of the April 5 edition, and in other recent editions (CBS News Live and Local Talk with Lee Elci)? In this advertisement one of the two men pictured is leveling a shotgun at the camera, while the headline of the ad reads The Voices of Freedom! (exclamation mark theirs). So, if I read this correctly, freedom equals having a gun pointed at your head?

The front page above-the-fold article speaks of the success of bipartisan gun control legislation, and then the reader skips to page 5 to find this outrageous and insulting advertisement. I understand the print media is revenue-challenged, but by accepting this advertisement the paper has crossed the line. Are times so tough for The Day that you have to accept this advertisement? Did you even look at the ad before running it?

I realize these are contentious times with respect to gun control. I would just like to see a little more editorial control, and to be able to enjoy the Day without having an advertisement showing someone pointing a gun at me.

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