The New Morgan: About Newman Architects

This example of an auditorium designed by Newman Architects is located in Darien High School.
This example of an auditorium designed by Newman Architects is located in Darien High School.

In an effort to keep the public informed of the New Morgan project, The Morgan Building Committee will submit an article semi-monthly to the Harbor News. This article was written by Richard Munday, AIA, principal architect, with Newman Architects. Newman Architects was chosen by the Morgan Building Committee in June 2012 from among several architectural firms. To suggest topics or request answers to questions, write to

Leading the design team for the new Morgan School project is the New Haven-based architectural firm, Newman Architects. Founded in 1964, Newman Architects has completed a wide variety of private and public projects throughout the United States and abroad, and has a national reputation for the design of new buildings and the renovation and restoration of existing buildings. These projects include design work for public and private academic institutions, libraries, civic and community centers, multi-tenant housing, private residences, corporations, religious institutions, and urban design.

For most of our history, we have been working on the design of schools, public and private, in urban, suburban, and rural locations, including four public high schools in Connecticut, and have won numerous awards for the quality and appropriateness of our school design. Our approach to the design of schools is to create flexible spaces that are economical, efficient, and integrated into the ecology of their geographical settings and the communities they serve, and that allow for change to occur gracefully over time. We try to create comfortable settings for collaborative learning, expression, community gathering, socializing, and personal growth.

Newman Architects has been a pioneer in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, and is committed to green design. Within the last year, the firm's projects have received Silver, Gold, and Platinum level certification from the United States Green Building Council, measures of their contributions to energy conservation and environmental sustainability. The U.S. Department of Environmental Protection awarded a Designed to Earn the Energy Star rating to the East Rock School in New Haven, "recognizing Newman Architects for designing energy-efficient buildings to help prevent greenhouse gas emissions and create a sustainable built environment for future generations."

The next installment submitted by Newman Architects will focus on a description of the project and planning concept.


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