Sen. Stillman praised on school-clinic stand

I was encouraged to read the article, "Stillman: School-based health clinics produce proven, positive results," (March 4). I appreciate that state Sen. Andrea Stillman values how school-based health services support public health and education of our children. These clinics provide easy access to basic health services. They allow students to be treated and prevent student absenteeism. They preserve family structure because parents will not have to take time off work for minor illnesses and injuries. I agree that on-site health centers eliminate the logistical obstacles such as transportation and scheduling and provide more educational resources to learn about healthy lifestyles to prevent chronic illnesses. Presently, I do not have access to school-based health in the school system where I work, but my son's school in New London does. I especially like having access to mental health services. My son has attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and sensory processing disorder. The potential for taking time off work to seek help for my son's behavior is pretty high.

I have been able to access on-site counseling to decrease anxiety and prevent behavior problems. Not having to take time off work, allows me to maintain my job. I support these clinics.

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