New London committee hears about boiler issues at middle school

New London - A list of remaining high-priority work and other repairs on the boilers at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School was forwarded to the City Council's public works committee on Monday.

On that list, which was compiled by Capitol Region Education Council Project Manager Diana McNeil, are nine items that need a decision including tunnel asbestos removal, tunnel leaks repair work, and design and installation of a new automatic control system.

CREC is a statewide organization that the city has hired to design to make recommendations about improvements to the school.

In a memo dated April 11, McNeil said the goal of the next School Building and Maintenance Committee meeting should be to decide which items on the list need to be designed or just installed. Some of the items are slated to be done. In the memo to city public works and school building staff as well as council members and the superintendent of schools, McNeil said some of the recommendations could be done for about $100,000.

City Councilor John Maynard said he would like repairs to the water treatment system and full implementation of a system that would alert officials to a boiler problem via a beeper "pushed through."

"So we don't have an issue where the custodian comes in first thing in the morning and sees that the boiler has been off since 10 p.m. the night before," he said.

Problems with the two new boilers that were installed at the middle school in 2010 began shortly after their installation, and patchwork fixes have been made, but the building's infrastructure has caused additional problems.

The council's public works committee will review McNeil's report and bring their recommendations to the School Building and Maintenance Committee.


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