Post office specialist oulines plan for New London service

New London - The retail services the city's post office provides to the public would move to elsewhere within the city, and mail carriers would be based in Waterford, according to a proposal presented Monday to the City Council by a member of the U.S. Postal Service's facilities department.

Joseph J. Mulvey, real estate specialist for USPS, said Monday that the department is proposing relocation to a yet-to-be determined space within the city.

"Much of the second and third floor is underutilized, vacant and excess to postal service needs," Mulvey said of the 46,000-square foot space on Masonic Street.

He said the reason behind the proposal is the "realignment of the USPS infrastructure to a 40 percent drop in total mail volume over the past five years."

Retail services would not be affected, Mulvey said, and residents should not expect a disruption in their daily mail delivery.

Last December, postal service spokeswoman Christine Dugas said the Masonic Street building wouldn't be sold unless the price offered would more than cover the cost of refitting another space in the city where the post office could serve customers.

At the time Dugas said the postal service was considering consolidating letter-carrier operations in Waterford.

A notice sent to the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office Nov. 5 said the postal service had determined that a sale would result in "no adverse effects" on other historic properties in the area and would include preservation covenants to protect the building's historic integrity. Six historic 1930s murals by Thomas LaFarge depicting the city's whaling history would be included in the preservation covenants.

Any offers to buy the property may contain a provision for the post office to remain in operation there, Mulvey said.

"Postal services would not move to new location without a confirmed buyer and would not sell the building without a confirmed new location," he said.

The department is asking for public input on the proposed relocation of the post office, which must be submitted by April 30.

Comments must be submitted in writing and reference the location of the post office. Mail to: Joseph J. Mulvey, Facilities Implementation, U.S. Postal Service, 2 Congress Street, Room 8, Milford, MA 07157-9998.


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