Millstone reactor operator positive for alcohol

Waterford – A senior reactor operator at the Millstone Power Station tested positive for alcohol near the beginning of his shift Tuesday evening and was immediately suspended.

Ken Holt, spokesman for Millstone owner Dominion, said the operator, who was not named, was given a breathalyzer and urine test after his supervisor noticed unusual behavior. The man was not working in a control room or near the reactor at the time, Holt said. The operator had been assigned to the Unit 3 nuclear power plant, which has been shut down since Saturday for routine refueling, and was working in the outage support center this morning.

Millstone workers are tested for illegal drugs and alcohol at random and when warranted by behavior, Holt said. Workers are subjected to disciplinary action up to firing if tests show any traces of illegal drugs or alcohol.

"Dominion's policy is zero," he said. "If there is any detected, you fail the test."

Holt said the incident has been reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


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