Baldwin Student Council Raises $4,000 for Charity Group

After two weeks of friendly competition and hours of hard work collecting spare change, Baldwin Middle School students cashed in almost $4,000 for the Pennies for Patients program for children with leukemia and lymphoma.

To kick off the fundraiser, students formed four, 5th-grade teams and four, 6th-grade teams, competing to raise the most money for the charitable organization by March 29.

"In the spirit of competition and to emphasize to the students the importance of this initiative, we provided each team with a large Poland Spring water jug that was kept out in front of the main office with their team name on it. The students were to fill up their own team's jug with pennies, while placing silver coins in the other teams' jugs," said Guilford Public Schools Communications Coordinator Lorri Hahn. "One of our teachers, Kristin Skelly, had a contact at a local bank who generously donated their time and coin-counting machine to help tally the funds. The total amount of money raised was just shy of $4,000."

The Baldwin Student Council sponsored the fundraising efforts. Representatives from the council were on each team and assisted with the efforts. A winning team was announced in each grade.

Hahn said what was especially amazing about the young children's fundraising efforts was that so much money was raised in such a short amount of time, solely made up of change that was collected in the water jugs.

"I think that they were just so overwhelmed with the response that they had gotten because it literally was all just coins that were collected and that ended up getting just under $4,000," Hahn stated. "It was a fun competition and I think they all had a lot of fun doing it. There were a lot of kids involved in this and they were very enthusiastic about the whole thing."

To learn more about Pennies for Patients, visit For questions regarding the children's fundraising efforts, contact Hahn at 203-453-8215.


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