Pro-gun Democrats won't get his vote

This Democrat was extremely disappointed that five local Democratic state legislators voted against the gun law recently enacted with bipartisan support.

The reason commonly given for these woeful votes is that greater control over assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would be harmful to law-abiding gun owners. What nonsense.

Regarding the Second Amendment, how does a smorgasbord of millions of individuals possessing military-style weapons, designed to kill as many as quick as possible, constitute "a well ordered militia?"

I believe that these Democrats defied common sense and decency by transparently pandering to the NRA ilk in their districts.

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre, radio commentator Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the rabid right-wing yakking heads are incensed with the Connecticut law but are no doubt tickled pink with the nay votes of the five local Democrats.

My state representative, Timothy Bowles, stated in The Day on April 5 that "people in his district tended to be blue dog Democrats."

Well I'm a non-blue dog Democrat who won't be voting for either Rep. Bowles or Sen. Cathy Osten ever again.


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