Maynard true patriot due the public's support

I am responding to the April 10 letter, "Shame on Sen. Maynard for opposing gun bill."

State Sen. Andrew Maynard's negative vote was not based on a desire for any particular type of weapon, magazine capacity, or "endless rounds of ammo."

The issue at hand is also not "for protection, for sport, or for fun."

The issue is, and always has been, the right as American citizens under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms. Andy is one of the few elected officials who did not blindly follow the party line while others forced through legislation at record pace to strip most gun rights away from Connecticut citizens who never committed any crimes.

This legislation does nothing to make our state safer, but only affects law-abiding citizens owning guns for sport and protection. It is obvious to me that Maynard's support of his constituents' rights was the only respectful course of action. I will be proud to support his patriotic candidacy should he run again.

As for the letter writer; if you or anyone else is so opposed to gun ownership, why not post a sign in your yard stating, "NO GUNS IN THIS HOUSE." I'm sure if any burglar was tempted they would only show up with rocks.

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