Property Transactions - April 19, 2013


64 Stockhouse Rd: Zito, Jerri Ann to Frechette, Lucien & Frechette, Debra, $174,000.

29 Goshen Rd: White, Shana L to Labossiere, Robert, $85,000.

57 Cedar Ln: Millas, Gary to Davis, Michael A, $215,000.

161 Caroline Rd: Rollinson, Harry E & Rollinson, Marsha L to Weese, Robert L, $195,000.

208 South Rd: Socha, Leon P to Thompson, Helen G, $180,000.

Bishop Rd: Redding, Jill K to Moore, Gregory P & Moore, Amber L, $62,500.


14 Gooseneck Hill Rd: RLB&PAB LLC to Crider, Paul A, $174,000.

22 Bennett Pond Rd: Wickham, Darryl K & Mcghee-Wickham, Deidre L to Eskies Online Amer Dog, $374,900.


571 Westchester Rd: Autumn Oak Investments to Duksa, Robert E & Duksa, Olivia H, $140,000.

136 Hammond Ct: Stevens, Mark & Citibank to Citibank, $93,177.

243 Bulkeley Hill Rd: FNMA to Tyszka, Angela M & Tyszka, Diane M, $159,500.

1804 Southgate Ln #1804: Hart, Thomas F to Malkasian, William J, $150,000.

Pinebrook Rd: Ous, Betty J to Ruitto, Jaime E & Ruitto, Joshua J, $100,000.


33 Irvingdell Pl: Crocker FT & Crocker, John D to Berghoff, Kristin L & Berghoff, William R, $252,500.

38 Walnut Hill Rd: Scace, Daniel R & Scace, Tamara H to Scace, Justin, $125,000.


333 Plainfield Rd: Doyon, Gerald A to Doyon, Gerald A & Doyon, Paula L, $20,000.


14 Shelby Ct: Murphy, Suzanne M to Procaccini, Jennie V, $247,000.

23 Chase Oak Ct #10: Bridges, Evelyn & Bridges, Evelyn M to Chaffee, Heidi A, $90,000.

351 Lestertown Rd: Jonaes Marcia J Est & Jones, Marcia J to Collin, Michael R & Roy, Rachelle D, $120,000.

57 Meridian St: Vakili, Daniel E to Kidd, Andrew N, $190,000.

406 Gold Star Hwy: Bonn, William L to Ludington, Kendall, $119,000.

342 Ridgewood Dr: Powers, Michael R & Jablonski, Robin J to Marco, Megan M, $250,125.

405 Indigo St: Facas, Alfred & Facas, Alfred J to Barton, Shaun T, $220,000.

Yachting Ctr: Murphy, Judith A to Kimmich, Carl W, $20,000.


126 Old Hwy: Poirier, Kristen L & Marquardt, Steven R to Bender, Edward M & Bender, Margret J, $50,000.

160 Gates Rd: Edwards, Betty J to Coverdale, William K & Coverdale, Lisa R, $262,900.

40 Spafford Dr: USA HUD to Shelberg, David W, $75,000.


9 Sable Dr: Allied Dev Partners LLC to Garcia, Jeremy D & Garcia, Misty L, $346,000.

809 Shewville Rd: Brayman, Richard to Chappell, Adam L & Chappell, Dalise, $176,000.

5 Friar Tuck Dr: Walters, Liza D to Quinn, Matthew A & Quinn, Amanda L, $175,000.

1 Lakeside Dr #R: Leach, Christine to Wells Fargo Bank Na Tr, $1.

7 Lakeside Dr #K: Riley, James W & Leclerc, Aimee to Strader, Elizabeth, $113,000.

25 Chapman Ln: Uttley, David T & Uttley, Earlene J to Reynolds, Kenneth D, $215,500.

25 Vinegar Hill Rd: MMB Mgmt LLC to Darrow, William B, $157,200.

313 Shewville Rd: FNMA to Hunt-Rand, Carolyn J, $195,000.

38 Sandy Hollow Rd: Maheu, Michael J & Maheu, Julie Ann to Shafer, Jeffrey H & Shafer, Judy Lynn D, $135,000.


Norwich Salem Rd: Lord, Parker H & Lord, Diana R to Lyme Land Conservation T, $513,875.

5 Mount Archer Rd: Abraham, Bruce M to Kane, Mitchell A & Francis-Kane, Jessica, $373,000.

11 Cove Rd: Murphy, Robert D & Murphy, Suzanne A to Williams, Dolores A, $600,000.


495 Chapel Hill Rd: FHLM to Mcfee, Dana & Hegel, John K, $69,000.

192 Doyle Rd: Zakarian, Christopher J & Zakarian, Rhonda M to Kreinbihl, James R & Kreinbihl, Maria C, $265,000.

27 Fawns Meadow Rd: Eastern SB to Hunter, Joshua & Hunter, Alisha, $203,500.

67 Kitemaug Rd: Yale, Victoria A to Ali, Brent S, $78,000.

10 Virginia Rd: Varney, Kimberly J & Brown, Kevin W to Thompson, James J & Castronova, Kayla E, $140,000.

19 Anderson Ln: Zhang, Zhijun to Klinefelter, William G & Klinefelter, Carol A, $292,000.


37 Cutler St: Hodge, Kevin T to GMAC Mtg Corp, $1.

Truman St: Chelsea Groton Bank to Desmond, Timothy F, $100,000.

169 Ocean Ave: Muka, Ilia & Muka, Miranda to Alvarez, Gladys, $275,000.

38 Green St: Miller, Warren to Gesher Assoc LLC, $210,000.

47 Blackhall St: Old Ironsides LLC to Ryan, Stuart W, $115,000.

151 Lincoln Ave: USA HUD to Hab For Hum Of SE CT, $50,000.

206 Bayonet St: Delgrosso, Anthony to Thompson, Gregory D, $190,000.


39 Hewitt Rd: Hescock, Regina to Robertson, James M, $500,000.


37 Beckwith St: Bank New York Mellon Tr to Jones, Mary, $59,000.

35 Alice St: Ley, Jonathan P to NAVY FCU, $1.

42 Knollcrest Rd: Cassell, James A to Allard, Cori J, $165,000.

63 Geer Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Yang, Shiyi, $73,299.

527 W Thames St #29: Xue, Shi L to Lipman, Philip, $99,000.

8 Trading Cove Cir #8: Smith Thomas Henry Est & Smith, Melissa A to Uttley, David T & Uttley, Earlene J, $150,500.


11 Sandalwood Ln: Driesch, Edward A & Driesch, Karen to Mchugh, James S, $420,000.

7 Flat Rock Hill Rd: FNMA to Padua, Angel, $260,000.

2 High St: Callaway, E Reeves to Larson, Nancy A, $442,500.

1 Somerset Ln: Ftelman, Jonathan S & Salvino, Nanette M to Supersano, Marc A & Supersano, Heather J, $442,500.

12 Rogers Lake Trl: Jensen, Marion E to Purdue, Frank J & Purdue, E Maria, $102,500.

57 Columbus Ave: Tine, Margaret D to Ciaffaglione, Dean P & Ciaffaglione, Ewa T, $355,000.

55 Corsino Ave: Roma, Caroline T to Roma, Daniel A & Roma, Agatha P, $200,000.

87 Connecticut Rd: Benson Old Lyme LLC to Benson, Robert & Benson, Wendy K, $200,000.


52 Basley Rd: FNMA to Phaiah, Mitchell D, $70,000.

74 Putnam Rd: Hanson, Jennifer & Onewest Bank to Onewest Bank, $1.

756 Norwich Rd: Watson, Luther M & Watson, Barbara to Breault Realty 3 LLC, $60,000.

764 Norwich Rd: Caouette, Richard R & Caouette, Cathleen A to Breault Realty 3 LLC, $305,000.

136 Colonial Rd: Klonoski, Angela R to Stroud, Michelle, $139,000.

6 Pond Hill Rd: Romano, Linda Y to Laplante, Henry C & Laplante, Pamela C, $255,000.

80 Whip Poor Will Dr: Sutherland, Branford C & Sutherland, Linda M to Kelly, John T & Kelly, Doreen E, $267,500.

22 Main St: Windham North Props LLC to Singh, Daya S & Singh, Sandhya D, $100,000.

188 N Sterling Rd: Robitaille Gertrude M Est & Waskiewicz, Karlyn M to Picard, Justin S & Waskiewicz, Courtney M, $156,250.

1 Lake St: VFW Of US Inc to Smith, Robert, $87,500.

3 Lake St: VFW Of US Inc to Smith, Robert, $87,500.

88 Lake St: GMAC Mtg LLC to Clohecy, Carol A, $50,000.

26 Main St: Windham North Props LLC to Singh, Daya S & Singh, Sandhya D, $100,000.


29 Bunny Rd: Way, Katherine to Meaike, Shawn, $345,000.

53 Branch Hill Rd: Gibeault, Richard A to Demara, Kristen, $224,000.

18 Drawbridge Rd: Williams, Jason C to Sutton, April, $139,000.

369 Old Jewett City Rd: Kusek, Joseph W to Mcghee-Fichtner, Deborah & Veteran Builders Rest, $1.

178 Poquetanuck Rd: Whitaker, Deborah A to Cenlar FSB, $1.


250 Rattlesnake Ledge Rd: Wagner, Scott & Wagner, Rebecca to Mccullough, Alison M, $299,900.

226 Forsyth Rd: Leitkowski, George & Leitkowski, Debra to Laymon, David M & Laymon, Tonya J, $315,000.


3 Bay St: USA HUD to West Mill Mgmt Corp, $42,000.

41 Church St: Tetreault, Robert J & Tetreault, Sharon A to Auletta, Eric V, $420,000.

36 Fullertown Rd: Wood, Barry M & Wood, Melinda A to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $1.

177 High St: Cote, Richard A to Martin, Paul F, $123,000.

31 Noahs Way: Eastern SB to AJ Holdings LLC, $92,000.

65 Noahs Way: Eastern SB to AJ Holdings LLC, $92,000.

70 Noahs Way: Eastern SB to AJ Holdings LLC, $92,000.

131 Hanover Versailles Rd: Rothstein, Richard I to Ballard, Craig A, $65,000.


2 Aimee Dr: Donath, Paul & Donath, Margaret Y to Shortman, Joshua & Shortman, Katherine, $208,100.

33 Chapman Ln: Clark Amy W Est & Rutherford, Bridget M to Daniel W Stanavage Jr T & Stanavage, Marion, $160,000.

12 Holly St: Magowan, William A & Magowan, Cindy M to Hirschorn, Bryan D, $340,000.

15 Greenmanville Ave: Petty, Lorraine to Dionne, Julie E, $156,000.

36 Lathrop Ave: Miceli, Belsita T to Miceli, John & Madison, Robynne, $204,000.

75 Mechanic St: FNMA to Culotta, James, $109,900.

12 William St: 12 William Street LLC to Bisset, Caleb, $225,000.

16 Marjorie St: USA HUD to Morris, Benjamin, $111,429.


5 Woodland Rd: Porter, Thomas & Porter, Maureen to Smith, Michael R, $229,900.

54 Butlertown Rd: Wainwright, Walter to Porter, Patricia A, $255,400.

6 Rogers Hill Rd: Johnson, Edward M & Perry, Flent A to Adams-Brighan, Dana M, $212,000.

52 Scotch Cap Rd: Prudential Relocation Inc to Schuler, Barbara A & Schuler, Lawrence A, $270,000.

64 Scotch Cap Rd #144: Thames Dev Assoc LLC to Diedrich, Craig W & Diedrich, Ybeth G, $199,900.


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