Old Saybrook WPCA is not doing its job

Residents of Old Saybrook, do not sign up for the WPCA bargain septic system program. Once you sign up for the program, you are legally bound to have the WPCA install the system. You can't get out, I tried!

Talk to the residents of Saybrook Acres. Upon receiving their bills, they were horrified to discover that WPCA's program cost two to three times more than if they had hired locally. The material costs from the contractors were grossly over inflated, 50 percent of the soft costs (engineering, legal, paperwork, etc.), which they believed to be the town's responsibility, were billed to the property owners.

The program was compounded by the hiring of some contractors giving shoddy workmanship and excessive prices that appear to be ignored by the WPCA. I don't believe there is anyone associated with the WPCA who knows what is going on. Sweeping changes must be made in the way the WPCA does business or this program is doomed.

Opt out of the fraudulent sham being perpetrated by the WPCA.

Hire your own contractor. It appears that the dream of cleaning up Long Island Sound has turned into a costly nightmare for some residences of Old Saybrook.

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