Region's One Book selection is 'Little Princes'

"Little Princes," a memoir by Conor Grennan (above) exploring his experiences as a volunteer in an orphanage in war-torn Nepal, is the 2013 selection for the "One Book, One Region" reading program. Grennan will be introduced at a kickoff event on May 28 at the Mystic Arts Center.

The book centers on Grennan's discovery that the children he was working with were, in fact, not orphans but instead targets of a child-trafficking operation.

This is the 12th year for "One Book, One Region," the aim of which is to bring folks together to read a common work and discuss ideas inspired by the experience. Libraries, schools, bookstores and reading groups across eastern Connecticut participate, and a variety of programs and activities will take place leading up to a finale presentation - also with Grennan in attendance - that will take place in September. For more information, go to

-Rick Koster


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