Bravo to Maynard for defending gun rights

In response to David Collins smear piece against Sen. Andrew Maynard, "Why doesn't Andrew Maynard just become a Republican?" (April 14). I am very proud of my senator. Maynard should be applauded for being able to see a bad bill that will do nothing to stop another horrific Newtown-type mass shooting. It will just make life harder on law-abiding gun owners.

It is driving tax paying businesses and citizens out of state. I commend Maynard for not going along with the crowd. Most lawmakers voting yes never read the bill as they just got it that morning. The Department of Public Safety isn't happy as they have no idea how to implement this law. It was a "pass it and we will figure out the details later" bill. Passing a bad bill with good intentions is still wrong. Maynard had the intestinal fortitude to recognize that and stand up for what is right.

Now, unfortunately, he will get the liberal backlash, like Collins' smear piece.

It has nothing to do with the NRA. It has to do with doing what's right and listening to constituents, which many others didn't. I will continue to vote for Maynard. Bravo, senator, and shame on you Mr. Collins for attacking him.

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