Groton city election now needlessly ugly

I'm tired of being called a liar and a sneak.

Accusing me of lying and being corrupt is hurtful and cowardly, and it will be difficult for me to forget.

I have served the people of Groton City with loyalty and the belief that, with every single decision, I was honoring their best interests.

I wear many hats in my life; wife, mother, teacher, parishioner, community volunteer, and deputy mayor, and in each role, I neither lie nor sneak as I have been accused by candidates wishing to fill my chair.

Listen and read between the lines of what some of the candidates are implying about me, the members of the City Council, and about Mayor Galbraith.

Please give your support to the best candidates in the May 6 election, the candidates that are knowledgeable and loyal. In Galbraith, you have a leader who works tirelessly to preserve the progress and vitality of the city. She is honest, intelligent and fully researches and investigates all options. Her efforts are directed to the betterment of the city and each citizen.

Re-elect Mayor Marian Galbraith. She will continue to work in your best interest, serving the City of Groton as your trusted leader.

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