Why waste money to buy 35-acre bog?

I am a resident of North Stonington and I am in full support of Firefly Farms petition to purchase the 35 acres of property on Button Road. I have yet to figure out why First Selectman Nick Mullane wants this piece of property so badly. He says it should be open space, yet you can't walk on it without hip waders. It is a bog.

Instead of taking the $100,000 that was offered to purchase this piece of property, Mullane has decided to waste more taxpayer money on fighting what could be a viable and productive enterprise. Instead he wants to give these lovely people a hard time. He has every excuse for why not; well, how about a good reason why?

Instead of wasting more money, maybe he should spend his time and effort on the things in this town that are not working. Like the wall that is crumbling into the Shunock Brook since the repair of the Town Hall bridge or the fact that Boombridge Road has no bridge at all? Or improvements to traffic flow and safety downtown?

I disagree with this course of action. Taxpayers have the right to know the details and backstory on which this decision is based.

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