TVC charity should have begun at home

Under the watchful eye of the Democratic city government Thames Valley Communication (TVC) lost millions of dollars over the years.

I have recently learned that before its sale, TVC gave thousands away to other cities. In 2012: East Hartford Center for Advanced Technology, Work force Technology - $42,982.36; CT Training Center, First Step - $64,473.54; Hartford, Glory Chapel International Chapel, Road To Success - $64,473.54; Waterbury, New Opportunities for Waterbury Inc., Education for Employment Collaborative - $42,982.36.

In 2011: East Hartford, CT Center for Advanced Technology, Work force Technology - $26,477; Connecticut Training Center, First Step - $22,064; Chamber of Commerce, Community Jobs - $105,907; Hispanic American Cultural Council, English is the Key - $48,541.00; Hartford, Capital Workforce Partners, Education and Employment Collaborative - $17,651.

Why would the Democratic administration give away a total of $435,552 from TVC during its last two years of operation before selling TVC for $550,000? Were they not aware the Stephen Zbierski House and the Mother Bailey House need major work, with the Fire Headquarters on Broad Street? When will the city taxpayers really come first?

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