$38 million vanished in Groton unnoticed?

"I may have been born at night but not last night." It is hard to believe the City of Groton lost $38 million and no one knew about it. None of the elected officials, no one on the utilities commission, department heads, or personnel, and no one connected to the former Thames Valley Communications (TVC).

And then the City of Groton had to hire a public relations firm at the cost of $63,000 to explain to the residents why $38 million yes, $38 million disappeared and no one knew; I asked the City Council to do a forensic audit and when this did not happen, I took it upon myself to write to the Chief States Attorney Office asking it to look into any criminal activities and the Office of the Attorney General to investigate and start a forensic audit of the city finances, including but limited to the former TVC, Groton City Utilities, Groton City finances, the boards and commissions, and public officials overseeing these departments. There is no such thing as $38 million being free: I was not born last night.

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