Mayor Galbraith proud of city's progress

In the past two years, my administration has made tremendous progress in the City of Groton. Together we solved a financial crisis, saving millions and improving the city's bond rating.

This month the reconstruction of Thames Street will begin, and the city is poised to promote its physical and economic development. We established a Charter Revision Committee which, with my support, balanced decision-making between the council and the mayor.

While keeping city taxes low, we've continued quality city services, improved our parks and beach, enhanced public safety and made necessary investments in our infrastructure.

Of course, we've faced challenges, too. The sale of Thames Valley Communications was good for the city, but took leadership and courage to accomplish.

We've endured two hurricanes and a blizzard which I'm proud to say the City and Groton Utilities overcame quickly and efficiently.

I'm extremely proud of the progress we've made in the past two years, but there is much more to be done. With your continued support, we can keep moving our city forward.

On Monday, May 6, I encourage you to choose the party that is focused on progress. Make a positive choice for the city. Vote for the Democratic team.

Editor's note: Groton City Mayor Marian Galbraith is running for re-election.

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