Let Groton Democrats finish job they started

Who cares? Most people don't. As a resident of the City of Groton, I was elated to support adding Thames Valley Communications to the benefits that residents enjoy. As with any business venture, the recession took its toll on our upstart company.

We in the city are the envy of residents throughout the surrounding area, as we get the most "bang for the buck" for our tax and utility dollar. Our utilities and city employees and services are second to none, and I feel the same way about TVC. My family continues to subscribe to TVC, opting to stay with our local business and our employees.

Clueless candidates would abandon the local company, and slander and defame their neighbors with false, baseless accusations. If "closed door" meetings were so objectionable, why didn't Republican Councilor Keith Hedrick object? The Groton City 2010 Annual Fiscal Report was available for all by February 2011. Mayoral candidate James Streeter must have been preoccupied with town business, regionalizing services and fighting budget allocations to our police and highway departments.

Let's move forward May 6 and reward Galbraith and her team for their open, honest work ethic. Let them finish the work they've started.

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