TVC disaster? Let's have some perspective

Spring has sprung in the fair City of Groton. Sprays of daffodils rise between stone walls, bursts of golden forsythia bring joy into hearts, and lawns are adorned with political signs in red and blue. As I walk or drive through the streets, I ponder upon the promise of flowers to come and the promises of our candidates.

But my joy deflates when I turn a corner and am confronted with one of the numerous billboards blaring about the "Thames Valley Communications Disaster!" To refer to the TVC issue as a disaster is over the top. Superstorm Sandy was a disaster. The Boston bombings and Texas plant explosion are disasters. TVC was a fiscal crisis and it needed to be addressed.

Residents of southeastern Connecticut are still reeling from disasters that inflicted many losses upon our citizens and businesses. After what we've been through and what we continue to witness throughout the country, these "disaster" billboards are crude and offensive.

I have observed Mayor Galbraith's dedication to the City of Groton through real disasters and economic crises both. I support Mayor Galbraith. She will have our backs when a true disaster strikes.

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