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Community work obligation for legal help wrong

On Jan. 27 The Day published Staff Writer Karen Florin's article, "Fee waiver law proposal and frivolous lawsuits," concerning Wyatt Kopp's proposed law - that individuals who are suffering from a financial hardship and who need a fee waiver from the courts system should be required to provide community service.

The community service proposed law in exchange for a fee waiver lasted one to two minutes during legislative caucus, and it never made it to the Judiciary Committee for a public hearing.

Thank goodness that many of our state legislators are waking up and realizing that proposed laws like Kopp proposed are nothing more than discrimination to poor people, and to prevent them from having access to the courts.

Our Pledge of Allegiance states, "with liberty and justice for all." The Pledge does not state "with liberty just for the wealthy." Let's hope our legislators will stand by that promise and look beyond the color of a person's skin and the weight of their wallet.

I am looking forward to seeing the article that discusses the outcome of this community service proposal law and the reason why it died or was squashed.

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