Resist bad changes in Poquonnock fire dept.

The upcoming Poquonnock Bridge fire district meeting is the last chance residents have to speak up before the annual budget meeting and board election. The current committee plans would rip the heart out of the current system that has protected the public safety and welfare. They would leave no ladder truck, no fire alarm system, scaled back response to emergency medical services, and reinstatement of a nonexistent volunteer force.

The fire department currently responds to potentially life-threatening, delayed ambulance calls. No more under this board. EMS calls will have to wait until the ambulance gets there. Reinstituting a volunteer force - even if there is enough interest - would increase spending for training and equipment. It will also eliminate having an emergency team on site and ready to go when the alarm goes off.

Alan Ackley, after he got back in last year, promised the taxpayers that he would cut the budget 50 percent and tax rate 3 mills. Instead the mill rate will go from 5.9 to 8.3.

Why did they spend $75,000 on legal fees, 650 percent over budget? The board members who put us in this position must go.

The meeting is 7 p.m. Thursday at the firehouse, 13 Fort Hill Rd.

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