We need another vote on background checks

I strongly support the Second Amendment. However, this right also requires basic responsibility, and as a society we are responsible for keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people like criminals, terrorists, and the dangerously mentally ill.

While the Brady Law requires criminal background checks of firearms sales at gun stores, these checks are not required at gun shows, online sales and other venues where unlicensed sellers operate.

Right now in most states, felons, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill are able to walk into a gun show, flea market or even log on to the Internet and buy weapons from unlicensed sellers without any questions asked.

Congress should require a simple criminal background check on gun sales. The Brady Law has stopped over two million felons and domestic abusers from getting guns. Now it's time to finish the job. Completing the necessary paperwork for a background checks takes mere minutes, and more than 91 percent of these checks are completed instantaneously.

Let's extend the Brady Law to cover all gun sales. Any attempt to view this legislation as "gun-grabbing" is pure folly.

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