Undocumented must not skip to front of line

Attorney General Eric Holder says it is absolutely essential to have a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country, a matter of civil and human rights. If any part of his idea includes amnesty, he should be told that when amnesty was granted under a similar plan in 1986, there were about 3 million unlawful immigrants; now there are more than 11 million.

Obviously, the border enforcement promise was never kept.

I see no evidence that the current administration has the will or skill to keep that promise now. I am fortunate enough to have attended a ceremony for a number of people who followed the pathway already set up for those who wish to become citizens of our great country. They learned our language, studied our history and system of government and became citizens; and were proud of it. It was a beautiful day. The pathway is there, follow it.

I am sick of jumping through all of the hoops set up by our federal, state and local governments just to comply with the "system," but I do. More than 4 million people are waiting in line to become citizens lawfully. I suggest starting with them.

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