CIAC to allow Sunday make-up games

The Connecticut Association of Schools approved several changes to CIAC by-laws during Thursday's annual meeting, most notably allowing teams to play on Sunday.

The CIAC previously didn't allow games to be played on Sunday without getting permission from its Board of Control.

Teams may now schedule Sunday make-up games provided both schools are in agreement and they start after 12:30 p.m.

"Due to the very unusual weather patterns we have been experiencing, we have been allowing the use of Sundays for makeup games as we near the end of the season," the CIAC explained in a statement at "In order to complete their schedule, schools play an inordinate number of make-up games in a short period of time in addition to their scheduled games. Having Sundays as an available option allows the rescheduling of make-up games in a more prudent manner."

The by-law changes had been passed by the CIAC Board of Control, but needed approval from the entire CIAC membership.

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