Hepburn Causeway would honor Kate

With the Tenth Anniversary of Katharine Hepburn's death coming up this June, I would like to renew my suggestion that the Saybrook Point Fenwick Causeway in Hepburn's home town of Old Saybrook be named the Katharine Hepburn Causeway, or Kateway.

I first made this suggestion back in 1979, which prompted Kate to write me a letter, asking me to abandon the idea, which I did. Subsequent talks with her, however, revealed that she feared putting her name on the causeway she used all the time when she was in residence, because it would attract tourists to her Fenwick hideaway. She added however, that if the town wanted to name the causeway for her after she is gone, she wouldn't mind and, in fact, would welcome the posthumous honor.

Now is the time. Let's do it.

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