Brain-washed segment opposes gun control

How sad and scary it is to find so many people in our country are so easily influenced. When one ideological organization can get a hold of people's minds and guide their thinking; that is very sad and scary.

Masses of ordinary people seem to be under the extreme influence of the extremist organization: the NRA. Some of their talking points:

1. "Law-abiding people" should not be "punished" because of what criminals might do.

2. The Second Amendment give us these rights.

3. The owning of guns makes us safer.

4. Laws won't be obeyed by some, so why make them?

All fallacies.

Is the populace being "punished" when it has to test, belt-up, license, pay taxes, and insure our autos to own and use a car?

The Second Amendment is being used as it was never intended. Evidence is the owning a gun will more likely lead to one's death by a gun.

Do we believe that because some will not follow the rules, we shouldn't have rules?

Rules must be set for everyone to operate in a civilized society. The proliferation of guns doesn't keep us a civilized society. The more guns we own, the less civilized we become.

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