EL-Montville water deal lacked discussion

On Jan. 23 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was executed between the towns of East Lyme and Montville whereby East Lyme will provide, operate, and maintain a water main in and through Montville, and allow Montville to use this supplied water for agreed upon uses, most prominent being for fire services and connections. This MOU states that East Lyme shall indemnify and hold Montville harmless from any losses, claims, injuries, etc.; meaning that full costs related to such are to be borne by East Lyme with no assistance from Montville.

The MOU uses phrases such as "East Lyme has agreed to provide…," and "East Lyme desires to execute this MOU…," but when has our town decided these things, or even discussed them in a forum advertised and promoted for such, ensuring the average citizen is aware of the Formica administration's plans?

The answer is we haven't.

Such arrogant actions, dismissive of the average resident's input will be the norm until we collectively demand otherwise. Even finding the details of this MOU was an effort; the town didn't place it on its website nor have it posted publicly.

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