Recent letter was filled with ridiculous charges

A recent letter, "Obama: Can't beat him then time to impeach him," (May 6), smacked of standard Tea Party rhetoric and fear mongering. The writer made a number of dubious claims that shouldn't go unchallenged.

First was the claim that Obama is a dictator. The reality is the president was duly elected by a comfortable margin in a democratic process, defeating a well funded opponent. He is constitutionally limited to two terms. The notion he could or would usurp that limit is absurd.

Second is the notion that Obama is a socialist, and will take away your wealth and redistribute it to "the others." Actually, taxes as a percentage of the GDP are at their lowest point since the Eisenhower administration. And that bastion of free market vulturism, er, capitalism, the NYSE, has more that doubled under Obama's watch. Socialist?

Finally, let's discuss the Affordable Care Act. Growing up in a lower middle class family in the 1960s and 1970s, we had through my father's job good medical insurance, fought for by his union that guaranteed we would not go broke if one of us got ill or injured.

Now, due to corporate greed and insurance company skimming, health insurance has become a luxury instead of a right.

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