Is The Day's mission to make comics unfunny?

I would like to add my agreement with the many suggestions that "Doonesbury" be sent to its proper place, the Opinion section. While I'm at it, let me unburden myself of another annoyance, the strip in the comics section, "Gil."

What possessed The Day to substitute this banality for "The Wizard of Id" tells us much about what many persons today deem to be humor.

I have waited patiently since the imposition of "Gil" to find anything funny in it as was promised. Instead, it has achieved something incredible - outdoing "Nobody" for inanity.

I now read only five of The Day' strips and have reached the conclusion that the newspaper is on a campaign to purge anything really funny from the comics, since real humor, such as that in "Id," could possibly tread on the toes of the supersensitive.

That in turn could somehow be used by single person somewhere as an excuse to become "offended." The deadening blandness of the two aforementioned certainly can prevent that, with the exception of those of us who are offended by being fed pap.

I pessimistically await the finding by the Offense Police that, at last, "Peanuts" has somehow been found to have transgressed.

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