Beer tip: Curious Traveler Shandy

Traveler Beer Co.

Unlike some of my esteemed colleagues, I'm no beer gourmand. I keep it simple, and my preferences run toward the lighter brews. Indeed, I hate hoppy beer, but can only drink so much Corona, Pacifico and Sol. Enter the craft shandy, a growing area of beer-dom that's well represented by Traveler Beer Co.'s Curious Traveler Shandy. (I found mine at Waterford Wine & Spirits.) This is no soda-like Mike's Hard Lemonade, instant-headache-giving concoction. This is wheat beer, infused with actual juice from lemons and limes, balanced to offer more easy beer bite than lemon zing. The subtle citrus notes make for an easy-drinking summertime accompaniment to just about any dish off the grill. I suspect it also goes well with hanging-out-on-the-deck, watching-the-clouds-roll-by kinds of activities, too. For info, visit



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