Too much Krauthammer on The Day's Opinion page

Recently, you printed another polarizing column, "Obama's brief victory before his big fall," (May 6), on your Opinion page.

While Charles Krauthammer is entitled to his opinions, the "Hammer's" extremely biased opinions on most topics and his caustic jabs at President Obama, and anything smacking of Democratic Party positions, are simply ideologic hyperbole and devoid of balanced reporting.

Pity the reader seeking information.

Further, his negative comment about Obama's performance as "from King of the World to dead in the water in six months," is characteristic of his acerbic style.

That he is given a platform on The Day's editorial page quite so often is puzzling.

If the purpose of these articles is to inform the public, rather than spew propaganda or diatribe, I would suggest that you, the editor, select the topics and print objective and informed views from opposing sides.

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