Democrats hurt workers and reward lawless

Maybe it's just me, but something is wrong with the idea that if you break the law you should be rewarded. When trying to justify something takes long explanations I tend to smell a foul odor in the air. Instead of chasing votes, Democrats should try to get us off the list of the 10 worst states to live in.

A driver's license is the choice document produced at the voting booth and undocumented residents, if they can get it, will use it. Job seekers and retirees are being forced to leave the state. People who have followed the rules have a hard time selling their homes. If they owned a firearm they face the potential of becoming a criminal under the state's new laws. The state is finding new things to tax every day, yet Gov. Malloy finds millions to temporarily attract business to our state.

When any government loses its ability to govern its people it starts trying to control them. That's what is happening not only in Connecticut but federally. If you look closely there are roughly 30 states that have pulled out of the recession, mostly Republican-led states who addressed issues on the state level. That's a message, and it's not more taxes.

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