Local clean energy projects need support

Commissioner Daniel Esty's clean energy rollbacks were bad news from the beginning. News breaking about his activities with the investment firm UBS, help us to understand just how bad they are.

The way Senate Bill 1138 was written, it would undermine renewable energy projects, primarily the residential, commercial and municipal solar installations that are growing in Connecticut. Large hydropower coming from Canada would blast through private and public lands for hundreds of miles with high tension wires. With SB1138 Connecticut Light & Power will no longer need to provide support for true clean energy projects. Local small, innovative clean energy businesses will be threatened.

Instead of helping Northeast Utilities build a transmission line to Canada that we don't need and pushing environmentally damaging large-scale hydropower, let's support the entrepreneurs and small businesses that are building clean energy here in New England. Legislators must pass the one provision of SB 1138 forward that everyone supports: long-term contracts for New England clean energy small businesses and projects.

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