Stonington is wasting energy on foolishness

Just so I understand the dichotomy of Mason's Island Road: A few miles down the road you have a group of residents who suddenly take issue with an increase in "speeding" traffic to a seasonally popular restaurant located on the premises of a seasonally popular marina.

Their concerns are so grave that the Board of Selectmen, First Selectman Ed Haberek, the Planning and Zoning Commission, Police Chief J. Darren Stewart, and the Board of Police Commissioners have been alerted to this dangerous situation.

And, here's the best part; Thomas Londregan our town attorney, is now tasked with reviewing their complaints at his hourly rate of $150 per hour. Contrast that with the YMCA up the road that just concluded their annual Reach Out to Youth program that desperately tries to raise funds so that needy children can attend after-school programs or day camp events.

Really Stonington? What a waste of town resources, especially cast in the light of families who have so little. I would hesitantly propose putting in a few speed bumps, but this may slow down the runners during the Y's Sunday morning triathlon in June, which would be an enormous inconvenience of unimaginable proportions. And here I thought GLP was embarrassing.

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