Day wrong backing licenses for undocumented

Reading the May 10 editorial, "Many reasons to fix driver's license law," reminded me of the slogan, "See something, say something." I see a group of words advocating rewarding undocumented immigrants who break our laws by illegally living here and driving nontaxable unregistered vehicles without a driver's license.

Takes more than 200 words to present a successful argument against an undertaking that supports a Washington politician's approval (likely supporting further delay in immigration law enforcement) on granting immigrant lawbreakers the privilege to own a driver's license and legally drive on our roads.

If one is to give credence to the notion that licensed immigrants will not see police officers as "an enemy to fear and avoid," why do law-abiding licensed Americans, driving under the speed limit, quickly hit the brakes when they see a police car?

Additionally, to the $20 million boost in auto insurance premiums, let's reflect on licensing the estimated 50,000 undocumented immigrants and its monetary affect on the "social and economic justice" realm of boosting unemployment among law-abiding Americans in need of jobs held by undocumented immigrants, boosting foreclosures, boosting education and public assistance costs. The list goes on. Justice for whom? Long live an American's America!

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