Looking for solutions to terror threats

Has President Obama let Syria go too far? After the Benghazi killings did our president, vice president, secretary of defense and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wait too long to take action? These academic questions rest only with our commander in chief and his highest military advisors.

It's analogous to asking did President Franklin D. Roosevelt wait too long to go to war with Japan and Germany in 1941. War College text books may give us answers many years from now.

But in the meantime could any person or nation stop the many violent terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists on our innocent people, killing our military men and increasing warfare threats to our friendly allies like Israel? The way things are going it seems unlikely, and now the majority of our leaders in Congress are playing the blame game.

My friends on the Religious Right say to "turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor."

What is the answer?

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