Groton registrars only followed the statute

In response to the letter, "She always assumed voting was private!" (May 13): As one of the Groton Registrars of Voters, I would like to clarify some of the information presented by the writer.

CGS Chapter 147 Voting Methods Sec. 9-261. Process of voting. (a) In each primary, election or referendum, when an elector has entered the polling place, the elector shall announce the elector's street address, if any, and the elector's name to the official checkers in a tone sufficiently loud and clear as to enable all the election officials present to hear the same."

This statute was enacted to allow for a challenge, in case someone is trying to impersonate the elector. This ensures that the elector's right to vote is protected and not stolen by someone else.

Anyone can go online and look this statute up. This is not a city or town of Groton law.

How the elector votes is confidential and everyone working in the polling place is instructed on how to protect that privacy. An elector belonging to a protected class (police, correctional officers, judges, etc.) is not required to announce his/her address.

Electors are not required to present photo identification unless they did not provide verifiable identification when they registered.

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