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More rational dialogue needed in gun debate

I conclude that the gun control issue cannot be discussed rationally. The cause is extreme polarization on both sides, each employing (sometimes vitriolic) name-calling, circular or self-proving arguments, and distorted statistics to support their position. Emotional, catchy slogans (often defying logic) abound on both sides.

I cite two examples.

Pro-gun control supporters write articles with titles like "Brain-washed segment opposes gun control." Within such articles they imply special knowledge of the real intent of our founding fathers when they proposed the Second Amendment. The source of such knowledge is seldom revealed.

Anti-gun control supporters pass unenforceable bills that ban federal gun laws in their state (Missouri) and other bills that say that teachers, if told to bring guns to school, will be fired if they do not do so.

Need I say more?

I support people passionately fighting for improved safety and protection of children. However, I believe they should use that passion to reach goals that are realistic and achievable; "let's do away with all guns" is neither.

Both sides also make well-reasoned arguments. But even when they do, in the current environment they probably are not heard by the opposition. I will refrain from volunteering further comments on gun control until logic and reason return (if ever).

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