Heavy, man: Weedeater leads an El 'n' Gee bill

'Dixie' Dave Collins of Weedeater
"Dixie" Dave Collins of Weedeater

Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler were seated around bog-fire on a recent full moon evening, listening to "And Justice for Y'all," the first album by North Carolina coma-metal band Weedeater.

Iommi got up first. "I can't take this. It's too heavy," he said.

"I'm with you, mate," Ozzy said.

"I think they're stoned," Butler said. All three sprinted through the woods like little kids on Halloween, leaving the jam box behind.

Yes, Weedeater is the musical equivalent of chasing a Seconal with a bottle of Johnny Walker Red while slowly sinking in a quicksand pit.

Fortunately, you can see Weedeater, on tour behind their latest record, "Jason ... the Dragon," when they play New London's El 'n' Gee Club Friday. It's a great bill: Bedroom Rehab Corporation offers support along with Snow Orphan, When the Deadbolt Breaks, and Curse the Son.


Weedeater, 7 p.m. Friday, El 'n' Gee Club, 86 Golden St., New London; $15; all ages; (860) 443-8001.


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