Accidental 911 call gets quick response

The other day I was pleasantly surprised by the Waterford Police. A few minutes earlier, I was calling a friend and mistakenly punched the 911 button on my speed dial. Realizing my error, I hung up immediately and re-dialed my friend. As I was speaking with her, my phone buzzed and the caller identification read Waterford ECC. I didn't know what that was, so I continued with my call. Within five minutes, my doorbell rang and there stood a nice young man in blue. He asked if everything was OK and if I was alright. I was stunned, not realizing that since I couldn't be reached by phone, the police were notified of a possible emergency at my home. After assuring the officer that all was well, I commended him for a job well done.

It was really comforting to know that such a quick response could have save my life, had it been in jeopardy. Great job WPD!

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