Place Coast Guard Museum at Ft. Trumbull

The Fort Trumbull site is a beautiful and valuable area that could do much to expand the city's regional footprint on the tourism industry. Who is going to want to move into housing next to a sewage treatment plant?

Currently the Coast Guard museum is planning to be squeezed into a site that is already crowded and difficult to access.

Fort Trumbull would be a logical choice. The property is waterfront. The site sits adjacent to an existing Coast Guard facility. A recreational waterfront pier already exists. The Eagle's berth would not have to be moved. A pleasant pedestrian walkway already exists that stretches nearly to downtown. Finally, and most salient, a Coast Guard museum would complement Fort Trumbull itself.

Rather than languishing due to suspect developers dragging their feet, with weak plans for building housing units, let's move forward and give polish to a piece of land that has been sitting empty for years.

It may be a solution that wipes the egg off our face.

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