Important meeting for Bozrah residents

The Bozrah Board of Selectmen has called a town meeting at the Fields Memorial School cafeteria for 7 tonight. I encourage voters to attend and vote on the following items.

To grant a partial abatement of building permit fees to Collins and Jewell for the construction of a $3 million building on Rachel Driver. I believe this is a reasonable request, which should be approved.

Item two is to discuss and act on two ordinances to allow the first selectman to appoint a town clerk and tax collector instead of electing them. I strongly oppose these ordinances.

Bozrah has always managed to elect competent and honest people to these positions. I wonder what the motivation of the Board of Selectmen is to call for these ordinances. I have been a voter in Bozrah for 59 years and I am very upset that the governing board of my town wants to adopt ordinances to take away my ability to vote for these officers.

Let us fill the cafeteria and speak up to let the board know that we want to continue to elect the town clerk and tax collector as we have since 1786.

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