More Pfizer jobs go overseas

About 20 former Pfizer Inc. employees and contractors in Groton have been certified as eligible for federal benefits because their jobs were sent overseas, the state Department of Labor said today.

Workers associated with Pfizer's Surveillance Testing Group — including contractors from Makro Technologies Inc., Aerotec, Pioneer Data Systems, Manpower Inc., Sunrise Systems Inc., Atrium Staffing, On Assign Staffing Svs and SC Foster — have been approved for benefits under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act. Workers eligible for benefits must have been laid off after May 1, 2012, and will continue to be eligible until May 10, 2015.

Assistance for those who have not yet found new positions includes job training, income support, job-search and relocation allowances and participation in a program that pays a portion of health insurance premiums.

The Surveillance Testing Group, which received certification last month, provided scientific testing and quality assurance services to Pfizer.

Nancy Steffens, a Labor Department spokeswoman, said it is unclear from the workers' petition for benefits which country or countries wound up with the local jobs sent overseas.


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