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Valley’s Manliest Man

After parading onstage, lip-synching a heartfelt and extensively choreographed version of Cascada's "Everytime We Touch" with his younger brother, and sauntering down the auditorium aisles, Shane Joy was ecstatic.

"I have always known that my manly qualities were pretty high on the man-scale, but I wasn't really sure how high," Joy said.

Moments later, Joy would be named manliest man at Valley Regional High School (VRHS) as part of the VRHS National Honor Society sixth annual Mangeant, a pageant for men.

His take on competing? "It feels fantastic!"

The May 22 event raised $1,000 for a scholarship granted to a graduating senior by the VRHS National Honor Society. The profits are also funding prizes for the society's Kindness Counts program; in the past, proceeds have been donated to research on cystic fibrosis.

Competing for the title of Valley's Manliest Man were the Myers Brothers (Chris and Paul), Ian Johnston, Shane Joy, Jake Luster, Henry Nevins, Kyle Ruthstrom, Brennan Joy, Justin Cheverier, Michael Castelli, Garrett Hines, Owen Greene, and Jon Lacoske. Judging the competition was Mr. John Pote, Mr. Ted Dennis, Miss Jessica Bialobrzski, Miss Erin Dayton, Hanna Partyka, and Grace Carver. The competition, as Shane Joy put it, "was a great opportunity to have fun and test my manliness."

Following an escorted formal entrance, the 15 men performed talents including lip-syncing, banjo-playing, the one-man Olympics, and a variety of other abilities. Several contestants were eliminated and the competition moved onto beachwear, with swim trunks, a wetsuit, and even old-fashioned linen beach pants all part of the lineup.

After beachwear, Jake Luster, Shane Joy, and Kyle Ruthstrom remained for a dance off. The contest became tight between Luster and Joy, and by applause level, VRHS senior Joy won the title of Valley Regional's Manliest Man.


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