Important vote is set for Friday in Bozrah

Bozrah voters will decide whether to continue electing the tax collector and town clerk or choose change. Using election, the only qualification for either position is residency. There are approximately 2,000 adults in town, a small pond to select from. Those in the positions have run unopposed for two terms (eight years). Bozrah doesn't have a charter and follows state statutes. These elected positions are compensated regardless of attendance or performance. These are elected salaried positions without structure. Personnel issues are discussed in executive session during selectmen meetings and cannot be shared with the public.

If Bozrah voters choose to change these positions to appointed (hired positions) the people in the current jobs would remain until their elected terms expire. The selectmen (all three) would then be responsible to hire qualified people for the positions.

Applicants wouldn't have to live in town, expanding the selection pool. The positions would have job descriptions, be paid hourly and earn sick and vacation time, providing accountability to taxpayers who pay these salaries and the public that needs access to town services to conduct business.

The selectmen put forth an ordinance to ensure accountability.

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