Gun laws limit the wrong people

It is abundantly clear to all that this new gun-control legislation is ineffective and limits the wrong people. While the law-abiding gun owners are punished for merely exercising our constitutional rights, the criminals and the gang bangers are still running amok in our streets, wielding their illegally possessed firearms and shooting each other. These new gun laws must be repealed and new legislation passed to turn the focus on those who are breaking the law.

I propose this:

Increase funding and support to the state's law enforcement agencies to better enforce the previous gun laws and to better investigate the illegal sales and trafficking of firearms in our state. Increase the penalties for both the illegal possession of a firearm and the use and/or possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Increase spending on gun safety initiatives, such as creating tax incentives for gun owners who purchase a gun safe to better secure their weapons.

These proposed ideas would better deter those who use firearms illegally and foster a safer, more positive atmosphere for those who legally, and responsibly, possess and use firearms for both sport and home defense.

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