'Mad Men' recap: Please pass the St. Joseph's aspirin

Special K,

There's a ton to cover, but I have to go with what's hitting me in the guts after Sunday's episode. Is it me or is young Sally just a wee bit more tolerant of her mother, now that her dad has let her down so terribly? As Sally says, "My father has never given me anything" — which, of course, isn't entirely true. I mean, thanks to Don's dough, Sally's at least enjoyed a materially comfortable life. Imagine if the Drapers were broke and COULDN'T afford therapy!

Still, despondent teendom affects most kids, and Sally's still coping with her father's smashed pedestal; so how bittersweet was it to watch her have a smoke with Betty? Dear god let Sally continue to make her own way and not be a Stepford Betty clone, but, I sort of endorse any semi-normal bonding Sally can get from these maniacs. Is that wrong?

-Moody M.


Dear Moody M,

I feel your pain but for different reasons.

I am so sick of Draper. He's such a weaselly, egotistical, small man who is falling, falling, falling. And frankly I can't wait until he hits bottom. I used to think he had some redeeming qualities. But there are none. And don't for a minute try to get us to feel sorry for him — all curled up in the fetal position on the couch in his office? — all he cares about is himself. He's poison, and he knows it, especially to the women around him — Betty (ok, she didn't help); shutting out Megan with the cold shoulder; he's worried Sally's going to rat him out; all his former lovers; and Peggy, who was probably the only true friend he had.

I think the line of the night was "You're a monster.'' Well said, Peggy.

Also-Moody k


Fabulous Ms. K,

I'm with you, completely. I think my heart broke a little when Peggy correctly called Don a monster…althhhhhough, come on, he did save the St. Joseph's meeting with that bizarre-o notion about dead CGC Guy's final idea re: the over-budget "Rosemary's Baby"commercial (which, PS. was probably not released when that dude died, but...). The client was cheesed, and Don uncheesed him. In a scumbaggy way, but still!

Which leads me to this: did you agree with Don when he told Ted, after that meeting, "Your judgment is impaired. You're not thinking with your head." Or do you suppose Don is projecting? Ted and Peggy aren't being super subtle…




Dear M,

Not sure if Don was projecting, but here's my question: Is it better to flirt out in the open and not cheat on your spouse, or was it better the other way when everyone pretended they were professionals and were clandestinely running around and screwing like rabbits?

As far as saving the account — maybe that was the way to save it, but he did it by toying with Peggy and Ted and he knew it. Very, very, mean.

And so I'm back were I started — Don schmon. I'm thinking about how he's going to crash. In a plane? Car accident in the new Vega? Falling off the balcony in a drunken stupor? Opening the elevator door, not realizing the car is broken and falling down the shaft? That happened in "L.A. Law" to a mean lawyer — it was shocking.

And then we have Bob Benson — the new Don Draper. I liked that twist.

Still Moody,




OK, what the hell was with Bob and Pete? The very strange understanding they came to is giving me the creeps. What, to your mind, did they really "agree" to as they join forces to work on Chevy? I'm not convinced Pete will keep Bob's secret identity to himself. PS. How great is it that Bob speaks Spanish?

As for mean old Don, he illustrates just how great Ted is as a businessman. Don uses cheap tricks to save the day; Ted worries about doing bad business with Ocean Spray as the more lucrative Sunkist deal comes together. Ted's thinking about customer service; Don's still trying to sell everyone on Don. Ted calls for better communication in the agency; Don lies his face off.

I'm telling you, get ready for a Peggy-Ted-Joan agency — a supergroup! Like Blind Faith!




And don't forget Harry. I think he should join the new agency too.

Ok, other things that were great about the episode:

Ken gets shot in face with buckshot?

Ken calls the Chevy people "Fat yahoos in cheap suits." He should join the new agency as well.

Sally getting hazed at Miss Porter's School — hilarious. And one girl is wearing a buckskin jacket; fabulous. I so wanted one of those.

Using a scene from "Rosemary's Baby" to sell children's aspirin? No way in hell I'd buy that product.

Megan tells Don "Pull back on the throttle, honey." Again, hilarious.

And Betty trying to be a chatty mum — "Get me a cigarette and give me some details.'' She is an evil woman.




Listen, that's as good as we're going to get with Betty, and Sally still needs some adult supervision, so let's hope for the best. At least she's TRYING to relate to her daughter. And, since Betty's pretty much a perpetual adolescent, she and Sally should have a few years of decent communication, right?

Speaking of Sally, how about formerly creepy Glen making with the gallantry when Rollo, or whatever the hell he called himself, got a little too handsy with young Sal? I hereby forgive him for any and all weirdness. Sally needs a champion. She looked so very young sitting next to that dumb boy. So glad she held her ground and didn't let him take over, despite his claim to Lady Whisperer skills (doubtful; no adolescent boy knows what he's doing when it comes to anything, amIright?).

And yes, I was a little weirded out by the whole "Let's use 'Rosemary's Baby' as a cheeky way to sell aspirin," too. Um, "Rosemary's Baby" is all about weird herbs, devil-babies and tricky pregnancies—If I'm St. Joseph's, I don't want my product meant to heal at ALL associated with a devil-worshipping coven (remember the scene with all the naked, chanting old people? Yeesh.), but hey, what do I know? I also loved the Megan found the movie "terrifying," while Peggy and Ted just laugh it up about the Japanese member of the cult. Poor, sweet Megan. I worry about her, too. If she survives the series with her wits intact, I'll be very pleased indeed. Of course, I'm not too certain that'll happen.




Never thought Glen was creepy. He's a kid. And Rollo, I thought he was kind of cool, in that bad boy sort of way. And he didn't do anything to Sally but sit close and put his arm around her. Glad she put a stop to it, but it was a far cry from "he tired to force me."

Ahh, what I don't miss about the teen years...

Time to move the story along. What is going to happen. I want some closure. Some of these story lines have got to come to an end -- and it feels like it's time. Can't wait to see what happens in the season finale -- it better be good.


Cranky k


Mdme. K,

True, Sally extrapolated, but she shouldn't have had to tell Rollo to lay off more than once. She's a Porter's girl after all!

But I think I know why I'm so quick to judge so many of our heroes: I'm afraid of the closure we're going to get! I find their flaws in an effort to not get too attached.

Perhaps I need to get out more.




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