Retired people have busy weekday lives

Regarding the letter, "Retired people should cut lawns on weekdays," (June 13), I feel that as a retired person I need to comment.

Has this person ever thought that even retired people have weekday lives that may be so hectic there is no time, except a weekend, to cut the lawn.

Also, weather might not permit it - rain, or too hot for elderly to be in the sun. They, as I did for many years, might have even more elderly parents to care for (though mine passed on now). There also may be grandchildren to care for while parents work, medical appointments, and a variety of other things. As a retired person, I find myself infinitely busy during the week.

Perhaps this person needs to move to a rural area, where their nearest neighbor is a mile away. Though that would probably be a farming area, and noisy farm animals and farm equipment have no "lazy weekends."

Buy some ear plugs, and be happy. It could be worse, you could live next door to the kid who rides his dirt bike all day long.

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